Bring YOUR Shoes

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In this book for new leaders, complementary talent expert and earthquake, revolution, and hurricane survivor Marcia Malzahn shows new managers, new leaders and new supervisors how to step into new leadership roles by maximizing the talents of those they lead to build high performing teams. 

Have you ever been told you have "big shoes to fill" when starting a new leadership position? Alternately, maybe you have been named the leader, manager or supervisor of a team which could use improvement. Either way Bring YOUR Shoes is a blueprint for building your high performing team on the principal of complementary talent. 

This book for new leaders is a step by step guide to understanding your staff and building your team teaches: 

  • Understanding talents and how they apply to the workplace.
  • How to discover your talents and leverage those talents for team performance. 
  • How to discover the talents and abilities of each of your team members through the use of tools such as Strengths Finder, Myers Briggs, DISC, Emotional Intelligence and 5 Voices. 
  • How to combine your talents with your team’s talents into a high performing team - lead by maximizing talent. 

Malzahn's book for new leaders is packed with tips for new leaders, managers and supervisors from a number of business leaders, Bring YOUR Shoes is a book for new leaders, an easy read and offers a clear, straightforward approach to implementing complementary talent that Malzahn believes anyone can apply to team performance. 


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Praise for Bring YOUR Shoes

Bring YOUR shoes is a great read for individuals who suddenly find themselves in a role requiring management and supervision of others. Many of us have gone through that transition where we may have all of the technical skills to do our job well but haven't had the experience in leading or managing people. And for most of us, our leadership growth and development was via "on the job training". Bring YOUR Shoes helps readers better understand their roles as a new leader--hint a lot of it falls on the new leader to figure it out and take ownership. Marci does a great job breaking down leadership into bite sized, easy to understand pieces. Great insights to help new leaders better understand their new role. As with all leadership development books, reading this book won't make you a great leader over night, but it is a great starting point to build strong leadership skills and ensure your leadership development continues during your whole career. This book is also great for experienced leaders. I enjoyed reflecting back on my early leadership challenges in my career. Bring YOUR Shoes helped me realize that I'm not the only one who went through these challenges as a new leader.


Bring YOUR Shoes - a great book for new leaders & guide on how to become a great leader by Malzahn...I highly recommend this book if you are working towards becoming a leader in your company or need a tune up on adjusting some of your leadership qualities.

- GD

I loved this book and finished it in two days! So many fresh nuggets of leadership wisdom in here than any current or upcoming leader could benefit from. I highly recommend buying copies for the entire Senior Management Team!