Good Night Quotes

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In this book of friendship poetry and good night quotes, Nicaragua-born poet and author of Devotions for Working Women and The Fire Within Marcia Malzahn explores the joy of friendship in her poetry compilation, The Friendship Book. 

Little birds sing gracefully to fill our ears with beautiful music. Treat your friends with grace so your words are also music to their ears. 

Designed to be given away, this delightful book of friendship poetry and good night quotes will captivate your recipient and convey your feelings of love and friendship. Wedding parties, Valentine's day, saying thanks, for your best friend or a group of friends - they will all love it. It is printed in full color and illustrated with paintings from noted Nicaragua-born artist Isa Tyler and easily fits into any gift bag or basket.

Like sunflowers, friends light up our lives.

Their smiles, their hugs, their laughter
are like medicine to our bodies.
One word, one look,
one expression from a friend
may be all we need that day
to make it through.


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