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Book Intro - Bring YOUR Shoes

Book Intro - Bring YOUR Shoes - A Fresh Perspective for Leaders With Big Shoes to Fill

In Bring YOUR Shoes, author Marcia Malzahn coaches new managers, new leaders and new supervisors on how to lead by maximizing their talents and then understanding the talents and skills of those they lead to build a cohesive team. 

Have you ever been told you have "big shoes to fill" when starting a new leadership position? Alternately, maybe you have been named the leader, manager or supervisor of a team which has never been developed. Either way Bring YOUR Shoes is a blueprint for building your team on the principal of maximizing the talent already present on the team. 

Bring YOUR Shoes is a step by step guide to understanding your staff and building your team and it teaches: 

  • Understanding talents and how they apply to the workplace.
  • How to discover your talents and leverage those talents for team cohesiveness and performance. 
  • How to discover the talents and abilities of each of your team members through the use of tools such as Clifton StrengthsMyers BriggsDISCEmotional Intelligence and 5 Voices. 
  • How to combine your talents with your team’s talents into a high performing team - lead by maximizing talent. 

Bring YOUR Shoes is packed with tips for new leaders, managers and supervisors from a number of business leaders, Bring YOUR Shoes is a book for new leaders, an easy read and offers a clear, straightforward approach to implementing complementary talent that Malzahn believes anyone can apply to team performance. 

Here is a Chapter Summary of Bring YOUR Shoes:

Part 1: Discover and Maximize Your Talents

Know yourself
Know your value
Are you a leader in the making?
Do you get it? Do you want it? Do you have the capacity to do it?
Discover new talents: What else can you do well?
Maximize your talents as an employee, as an employer, and as a leader.
New Job? "Big Shoes to Fill"? Bring YOUR Shoes!
Does your workplace allow you to flourish as an employee?
Inspiration: A rare treasure
Volunteering: Waste of time or amazing opportunity?
Managing your time helps maximize your talents


Part 2: Discover and Maximize the Talents of Those You Lead

The key to my biggest accomplishment as a manager: Knowing my employees
Mentoring changes lives
Reverse mentoring: Do you need it?
Effective strategies for succession planning at all levels
Hiring young talent and maximizing their talents
Do you allow your employees to flourish?
An new concept: Invest your time


Part 3: Maximize your Team's Talents

NASCAR racing and strategic planning: What it takes to win the race
Leaders connect generations
Leaders and athletes: What they have in common
Traits of a leader, traits of a follower
Leaders leading leaders


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