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Focus on One Task at a Time

It is now known and proven by various studies that our minds are not wired to multitask, but are made to focus on one task at a time. So why do we insist on making our brains work so hard trying to multitask when we are not designed to do that? I now strive to focus on one activity at a time. Notice I said, I “strive” to focus on one thing at a time because, even though I try, the distractions are many. This means I only answer emails during a specific time of the day, but I’m flexible as to what time of day that is based on what I have going on each day. I also only make phone calls during a specific time. Also, I write only one day a week instead of trying to sneak in an article here and there or trying to write one chapter on a book today and another at other times. It takes me at least twice the effort when I write that way versus when I’m in the “mode of writing.” Some weeks, if I have the time, I add another writing day or an entire morning, also based on what I have going on the rest of the week.

I hope these ideas will help you improve your time management skills, so you become a more productive and efficient leader. I recently heard a speaker say, “I don’t believe in time management, because we all have the same amount of time, and it can’t be managed.”

Well, I disagree. I believe we can manage our time if we want to. Otherwise, we will waste the most precious asset we possess – time. And we cannot ever have it back. However, even through we cannot add hours to our days, we can definitely produce more during the same amount of time if we improve our time management skills.

Managing and taking control of your time and focusing on one task at a time is one way to maximize your talents because your are choosing to spend time on your priorities, which include activities which develop your talents.

Excerpt from Bring YOUR Shoes - A Fresh Perspective for Leaders with Big Shoes to Fill

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