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New Book Announcement

After a long six-month delay, we just received the first shipment of Marcia Malzahn’s new book called Inside your Mama’s Tummy – Your Journey Until You Arrived

Your relationship with your grandchild is just beginning, and “Inside Your Mama’s Tummy” will take you on a journey of creating long-lasting and loving memories with your grandchild. If you are a grandparent, an expectant mother, or have friends who are grandmas or expecting their first baby, this grandma’s baby book is the perfect gift for them and for you.

Marcia Malzahn crafts a love letter to her grandbaby documenting the extraordinary journey babies go through during their time inside their mothers’ womb. Overflowing with emotion and gratefulness to God, Marcia was inspired to write this book following the announcement of her first grandbaby.

This entertaining, educational, and inspirational work calls attention to each week of development and milestones that babies experience as they grow. Malzahn uses the fun analogy of comparing the baby’s weight and length to fruits and vegetables to provide a visual of how quickly the babies grow inside the womb – from a tiny grain of sand smaller than any fruit in week one to a robust watermelon in week forty. The author introduces “Dog,” a beloved stuffed animal, as the main character throughout the story playing with a fruit or vegetable to create a point of reference for the children to see how they grew inside.

This celebratory, colorful book weaves Bible scriptures throughout to emphasize how God wonderfully makes each human being. Following the description of fetal development, week by week, the book ends when the baby arrives and includes a space for you to write the baby’s name, birthdate, and a photo of the baby.

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